Our Environment         Return
         Mother Earth
The perception that mankind has ruined the planet and that nature has
been altered forever is a misconception.  Mother Earth will be here for a
long time, don't feel sorry for her.  Feel sorry for the current life here.
And remember, new life will follow either in this generation or the next

      An Environmental Mistake
I believe that the 1960's anti nuclear power plant movement, did more to
harm the environment than any other action in history.  If nuclear energy
had been allowed to expand,  the U.S. would not have been exposed to 40
years of automotive and power plant emissions.  Currently the nuclear
power plants in the U.S. account for 22% of all the power being generated.
France, and many other countries, are more than 90% nuclear.

      How to Reverse Power Plant Emissions
 1.  Check your local electric power company to see if they offer a GREEN
      power option.  Florida Power and Light has this program and, for an extra
      $10 dollars a month, will supply the power grid with energy equivalent
      to your energy usage with GREEN power.  Green power means using the
      lowest polluting energy sources available: (Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric,
      and gas).  If the power companies can not generate this GREEN power
      themselves, they purchase it. If we all purchased this option, the power
      company would spend this money on the suppliers of Green power and
      those sources would grow.
 2.  Purchase an Electric Car.  (See my Electric Car preview).
       Rent the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car".... and weep.
 3.  Replace your electric light bulbs with low energy fluorescents.  Buy the
      "warm" bulbs that produce light like current incandescent bulbs.